Scenario Designer: Service Start Times Tutorial

Currently you can only input the service start times in the Train Sim World's Scenario Designer in 5 minute steps. This tutorial shows you how to input the start times in smaller steps down to 2 seconds.

Attention: This tutorial requires basic knowledge of hex editing Unreal Engine game files with the software HxD.

Time to TSW Timespan Value Converter

Notice: Only even seconds work so odd seconds get rounded down (i.e. "01" to "00").

How to Input the Start Times

This tutorial will get expanded with more detail in the future.

  1. Look for the service whose start time you want to edit.
  2. Search for the next time the string "Timespan" appears.
  3. Highlight the four chars after that.
Screenshot of the mod manager
  1. The Data Inspector on the right should now show a value at UInt32 between 0 (00:00:00) and 3374921875 (23:59:58).
  2. Convert your preferred time with the converter above.
  3. Input the converted value for UInt32 in the Data Inspector.
Screenshot of the mod manager
  1. Repeat this for every service you want to edit.
  2. Save the file and check the start times in the Scenario Designer ingame.