Mod Manager for Train Sim World

This is a Mod Manager for the game Train Sim World 3 by Dovetail Games.

It includes the following features:

  • Browse a mod database to find new mods to install
  • Manage installed mods: i.e. activating / deactivating
  • Install mods directly from your downloads directory, even from within zip archives
  • Manage your mods with mod collections

The Mod Manager and it's database are made for Train Sim World 3, though most of the application should still work with Train Sim World 2.


Currently v2.2.1

Screenshot of the Mod Manager

Release Notes

Version 2.2.1: Train Sim World 3

01 September 2022

  • Removed all references to Train Sim World 2 to make the Mod Manager ready for Train Sim World 3 and renamed the "TSW 2 Mod Manager" to "TSW Mod Manager".
  • From now on the Mod Manager and it's database will be made for Train Sim World 3, though most of the application should still work with Train Sim World 2.
  • Added feature to transfer your data from TSW 2 Mod Manager.

Version 2.2.0: Direct Downloads

20 March 2022

  • Direct Downloads
    • The Mod Manager can now directly download and install or update the mods. No need to download and install the mods manually anymore.
    • Mods with a direct download option can be identified by the green download or update icon.
    • This currently only works for mods from that aren't in an archive (for example zip, rar, 7z).
  • Release Notes Popup
    • After installing an update, there is a popup containing the newest release notes.
  • Ignore Updates
    • Updates can now be ignored, so they won't be considered for the update alerts anymore. This doesn't work for mandatory updates.
    • This feature can be found in the expandable section of the mod on the Updates page.
  • The Mod Browser won't show outdated or discontinued mods anymore.
  • The Downloads page now updates immediately on opening it.
  • Improved the Mod Manager for new users: When the directories aren't set, there now is more information on how they should be set.
  • Updated "About" page with new information including a donation link. If you would like to support my work, help me with the server costs for the Mod Manager and contribute to any new DLC that allow me to make even more awesome mods, feel free to leave a donation here: PayPal.

Version 2.1.0

09 August 2021

  • Added Mod Updates and Versions
    • This also adds support for multiple file names per mod.
    • When an update for one of your installed mods is available, there is an indicator by the mod and an alert at the top of the homescreen to notify you about it.
    • Added an "Updates" page with download links for the newest versions of your mods.
    • Install updates right from the "Downloads" page.
    • The expandable mod details section now show the version number, when there is one in the database.
  • Added Mod Incompatibility Indicator
    • In preparation for the Train Sim World 2 Rush Hour / Summer / UE 4.26 update, that makes most or all existing mods incompatible with the game.
    • When the installed version of a mod is marked as "incompatible with the current game version" in the database, an indicator and an alert is shown.
    • Added option to quickly show all incompatible mods on one page, so you can temporarily disable them all at once while waiting for an updated version.
    • When there already is an update for your incompatible mod available, it will be shown as "mandatory" with a separate alert.
  • NOTICE: Most of the mentioned features won't be noticeable right away. They will become noticeable, as soon as there are new updates for mods in the database.

Version 2.0.2

23 May 2021

  • added feature to distinguish between mods that need all the linked add-ons to function, and those that only need one of the linked add-ons
  • added unique app icon for the mod manager
  • added release notes of the current version to the "About" page
  • table data with multiple values is now sorted alphabetically
  • tweaked the design in a few places

Version 2.0.1

22 May 2021

  • fixed mod activation switch doesn't update when multiple mods are activated / deactivated
  • major upgrade of internal components: if something doesn't work anymore, please contact me

Version 2.0.0

15 September 2020

  • Initial Release of TSW 2 Mod Manager
    • the url for the old TSW 2020 Mod Manager is now
    • the old url is now used for the TSW 2 Mod Manager
    • there won't be any updates for the TSW 2020 Mod Manager in the future (maybe bug fixes for breaking bugs)
    • versions before 1.7.0 won't be able to use the 2020 API anymore, they will get the mods from TSW 2

Version 1.6.1

  • improved lightbox view for mod pictures
  • quickfix for a bug with the mod pictures that crashes the application

Version 1.6.0

  • Added mod pictures
    • a mod picture can now be added to the database and is then visible in the expanded section of a mod
      • there aren't many mods with a picture in the database yet, but they'll get updated in the next few weeks
    • 'Browse Mods' has a picture icon as an indicator to show which mods have a picture attached
  • Added Badge to the 'Browse Mods Database' button that indicates how many installable mods are new since the last visit of the 'Browse Mods' page
  • Added 'Released' row to mods database
    • Added 'New' indicator to 'Released' row for mods not older than a week
  • Added 'Author' row with search feature to all tables

Version 1.5.0

  • Added support for mods without "TS2Prototype" in file name
    • reworked deactivation handling to support all .pak files
      • deactivated mods now get stored in a subdirectory and won't get renamed to "xxTS2Prototype"
  • Added migration feature for legacy deactivated mods
    • renames and moves old deactivated mods to support the new handling

Version 1.4.0: Mod Collections

  • Added mod collections
    • two types
      • bundles: activate or deactivate all mods in the collection simultaneously
        • useful for mods like EBuLas or route specific repaints you want to activate and deactivate simultaneously when you play the route
        • simultaneous activation / deactivation is accessible through the settings button in "Manage Mod Collections"
      • one at a time: indicates that only one mod from the collection can be active at the same time
        • useful i.e. for repaints for a specific loco
        • when a mod in a "one at a time" collection gets enabled, all other mods in the collection get disabled automatically

Version 1.3.3

  • Added multi activation / deactivation
    • select the mods you want to activate or deactivate and execute the action for all together
    • especially useful with filtering

Version 1.3.2

  • Added description for mods
    • english and german versions
    • depends on description availability in the mod database
    • are displayed in the "additional information" section when you expand a mod with the "+" button

Version 1.3.1

  • Added "Required Add-Ons" column to "Browse Mods Database" table
    • lists the add-ons needed for using the mod
  • Added "Only Mods for installed DLCs" filter to "Browse Mods Database" table
    • determines if you are able to use the mod based on your installed DLCs (files in the DLC directory)
    • filter is enabled by default
  • Added "Not all required add-ons installed" warning icon
  • Added tooltips for routes and add-ons
    • hover with your mose over a route or add-on short name to see the full name

Version 1.3.0

  • Added "Browse Mods Database" page
    • shows all mods from the remote database that are not already in the dlc directory
    • includes buttons for the link to the mod's website and a direct download (where present)
    • for wrong data in the database, contact me (contact information on "About" page)
  • fixed an issue with pagination while filtering

Version 1.2.1

  • Added badge to indicate the number of addable mods from the downloads directory
  • Added button to open the dlc directory
  • Added loading indicator for mod tables
  • Added page size selector
    • only relevant if a folder contains more than 30 mods
  • Improved button design
  • Improved navigation through page headers
  • Fixed problems with umlauts in pak file name
    • Files from zip archive will now also map to mod from remote database if the file name contains an umlaut.
    • The faulty umlaut (�) will get replaced if a mod is found in the remote database.
    • No fixes for mods that aren't in the remote database.

Version 1.2.0

  • "Add from Downloads" page
    • searches the selected downloads directory for .paks
      • also looks in subfolders and .zip archives
    • add the downloaded mod to your mod directory with one click
      • .pak files get moved but .zip files remain untouched
  • mod counter to mod tables

Version 1.1.0

  • locos information in mod table
    • filter functionality
    • information must be stored in online database
  • routes information in mod table
    • filter functionality
    • information must be stored in online database

Version 1.0.0: Initial Release

  • activate and deactivate mods
  • delete mods
  • connected online mod database
    • Sort by author
    • Filter and sort by mod type
    • Link to mod website
  • auto updater